Foods To Avoid When Taking Garcinia Extract

Stop Eating These Foods To Make Garcinia Extract Melt Your Fats Even Faster

In this post we explained why taking Garcinia Extract along with conscious dieting gives better and faster results. Here you can learn about the top must-avoid foods that will reinforce your weight loss efforts.

How exactly does a calorie-restricted diet boosts Garcinia Cambogia’s efficiency?

Several studies that looked into how Garcinia Cambogia works, found that HCA inhibits the function of a liver enzyme which is responsible for turning carbohydrates into fat. Since carbs are not turn into fat, the body is more likely to use these for its energy needs. As a result, a calorie-restricted diet means less fat is accumulated and carbohydrates are efficiently burned resulting in weight loss.

Limit High-Fiber Foods

limit these foods while taking garcinia cambogiaWhile fiber rich foods aid digestion, ward off diseases, and promote your wellbeing, a clinical trial that tested Garcinia Cambogia extract in patients that followed a high-fiber, low-cal diet, yielded poor results. It is believed that dietary fiber prevented the absorption of HCA which in turn didn’t result in weight loss.
Consequently, while you should continue eating foods rich in dietary fiber, monitoring your intake might benefit your weight loss efforts as it will improve the HCA absorption rate by your body.

Follow a calorie-restricted diet

It is highly recommended that when taking Garcinia Cambogia you monitor your daily calorie intake. A calorie-restricted diet means you will achieve your weight loss goals faster with Garcinia Cambogia.

You can easily control your calorie intake by avoiding calorie-rich food such as,

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Flour-based cakes, cookies and other confectionery
  • Potatoes

Opt for lean protein coming from meat, fish and whole grains. These foods give you energy but don’t burden your body with unnecessary carbohydrates.

Avoiding fatty and sugary foods will also help you keep your calorie intake in check. Calorie-laden snacks and foods including:

  • Chocolate
  • Potato chips
  • Dips and sauces
  • Sweets and spreads

shouldn’t be consumed often either. Gummy and hard candies are also starch-based and a definitely no-no when taking Garcinia Cambogia.

There’s no one-fits-all calories intake for maximizing Garcinia’s weight loss results. While one will need 1700 kcal/day, another might need 2200Kcal/day. Age, activity level, lifestyle and other parameters should be taken into consideration when calculating your ideal daily calorie intake. For instance, one study with obese participants found HCA along with a 2000Kcal/day diet and moderate walking helped the participant lose 14lbs in eight weeks.

Ultimately, it’s not about calories, improve your chances of burning fat and losing weight by avoiding the above mentioned calorie-rich foods and snacks. Also, make sure you take Garcinia Cambogia as per the developer’s instructions for maximum results.

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