Garcinia Cambogia Free Trial Offers – Why You Should Avoid These!

The popularity of garcinia extract on the weight loss market seems to be in it’s highest peak now after being popularized by the media and especially Doctor Oz.

If you make a search of garcinia cambogia on the search engines, you’ll be amazed at the amount of stores and sites selling you this “latest, fastest fat buster” as Mehmet Oz called it in his famous TV show.

Even on Facebook, you can see the ads talking about some “weird fruit that melts off fat within weeks”, and another garcinia offer is staring at you as you click through.

Then, as you see the opportunity to get a free trial of garcinia cambogia, and order it, after some time I get emails like this:

trial cancellation email

The Anatomy Of “Garcinia Free Sample” Scam

Usually, these offers are sold over the internet. Being a pretty profitable venture, the marketers use all means of online advertising, including plain spam of massive email databases. Here’s a sample of the typical spam email I got to my personal gmail account recently:

email spam with garcinia slim offer

As you see, I got this email twice, with an interval of several days. If you are looking to drop pounds and heard of garcinia, there’s a high chance that you click, just out of curiosity. OK, let’s click on this email and see what’s inside:

sample of spam email with garcinia offer

As you see, the sender email looks really weird, a definite sign of some sophisticated automation software used for mass email spamming. You never get any reply from this email in case you decide to send them message, as it does not even exist.

As you click on this attractive advertisement picture, you get redirected to this website:

garcinia slim trial

Once you sign-up for a free sample of garcinia extract, your credit card details used to pay the shipping fee, are then stored for further rebills. These rebills usually happen on a monthly basis, until you somehow cancel the membership and stop receiving the bottles.

The second most popular method of scamming you into ordering the free trial is banner advertising that you see on huge and authority websites. Examples of these could be, and huge news portals.

There’s nothing wrong with these websites, as they only provide the advertising space and not get into the ins and outs of the companies that buy this advertising space. Usually the advertising is manager by a 3rd party agencies where the adverts buy these banners spots.

Top 6 Biggest Issues With Free Garcinia Cambogia Pills

Now, here’s the shocking truth about the whole venture with these trial samples. These points come from my vast experience of communicating with ripped-off customers, here in email, on forums and boards.

  1. Monthly supplies are overpriced. Since they already got your credit card details and you authorized them to auto-rebill it on to pay for further supplies of the product, why not charge more than the average price of garcinia extract supply? The average price ranges between $35-50 per bottle, and in these “free trial” companies charge around $79.95 or even more in some cases, per bottle!
  2. Usually, legit and trusted supplements retailers never participate in such schemes. Most of the free trial offers come from unknown companies that are hard to track and that are obviously created to get a quick buck from you, riding on the wave of product popularity.
  3. Monthly rebills are just half of the issue. In many cases, your garcinia cambogia “free bottle” never arrives! I still receive angry emails from people asking about their orders (despite the fact that our website doesn’t sell any garcinia supplements at all, we just review them) – and we can do nothing to help them except for recommending to order from reputable and transparent garcinia extract supplement manufacturers.
  4. If you ordered your free bottle and it didn’t arrive, there’s a slight chance that you saved the vendor website in bookmarks and now addressing their customer support to find out what’s wrong. Here’s another catch – many shady companies offer no customer support at all, or – it’s extremely unfriendly and refers you back to Terms and Conditions, which you agreed on when ordering the free trial. End of story.
  5. Due to the above mentioned point, it’s extremely hard to cancel these subscriptions! Many people cannot find the websites they ordered from, and end up visiting their bank to cancel their credit card and reissue the new one, just to stop their money leakage.
  6. The most shocking point you may not believe – usually, in 99,9% of cases, these free offers of garcinia cambogia are nothing but a pure sawdust! Yes, this means you overpay for placebo. Sad fact, but a true one.

Try Garcinia Cambogia For Free Or Get Extra Free Bottle – The Difference?

Now let’s clarify the small point here, when your buy garcinia extract pills from the legit company (like the one we’re reviewing here), quite often you see the similar website design, and on the transaction page there are several options offered:

  • 1 month supply
  • 2 month supply + 1 free
  • 4 month supply + 2 bottles free

…and similar. This doesn’t mean that you get a free trial, it’s just a way to present the bulk discounts, as it’s more cost-efficient to buy bulk supplies comparing to 1 month supply, and beneficial for weight loss as well.

How To Avoid These Scammy Offers Online

Here are several advices that may help you avoid being ripped off when buying any supplements online.

  1. Never order any garcinia supplements advertised by means of emails to your inbox or spam folder. Spam means spam – the message that you didn’t authorize the sender to receive. If you ordered a product from some online store, and opted-in to receive their newsletter, that’s a different story. Such emails never appear in your spam folder.
  2. When clicking on banners and seeing websites like this one:
  3. fake news website

    Beware – these are Advertorials, or fake news websites. Some of them may advertise legit garcinia products, while there are many that promote these free trials. It’s better to ignore such pages and move on.

  4. Always read Terms and Conditions of the website where you are going to order the product! It’s wise even when you buy from the legit company, as you make yourself aware of their return policy, money-back guarantees and similar agreements that you should agree to in order to  make a purchase.
  5. Always save the product website in your bookmarks, easiest way is to hit Ctrl + D. This way, in case of any issues you can quickly find the website and their customer support. Also, if you get email with order details, always save it in your inbox or print it out.
  6. Try to get some basic knowledge of the topic, before rushing to buy the garcinia cambogia. I hope this website is the one that helps you get some basics on the garcinia for weight loss, it’s pros and cons, and products that are worth taking based on all the knowledge and expertise I have in this field.

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