HCA FIT Garcinia Review

The Garcinia Cambogia Pill That Brings Out Your Best Self Yet

HCA FIT is a new weight loss pill that promises to improve the way your body looks and feels by reducing fat formation in your body and suppressing your appetite.

A few things worth knowing about HCA FIT

  1. HCAfit is developed by Leading Edge Health. A company that specializes in women’s and men’s health products. The supplement is according to its developer using 100% Natural Garcinia Cambogia Extract. It also has no fillers, artificial ingredients and binders.
  2. It has a double weight loss action, it suppresses your appetite and prevents fat synthesis from carbohydrates.
  3. HCA is a clinically proven ingredient that helps with the control of serotonin a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate your mood, appetite, sleep and weight management.
  4. HCA FIT contains 60% HCA the standard HCA percentage for maximum efficiency that also doesn’t pose any health concern for the dieter.
  5. It is a Dr Oz endorsed fat buster that has been used by millions of dieters worldwide to assist them with weight loss.

How does HCA FIT work?

The pill contains HCA (60%) derived from 100% natural Garcinia Cambogia extract.

many benefits for weight lossStudies have found that HCA is a powerful fat formation blocker because it prevents the enzyme’s Citrate lyase activity which is to create fat out of carbs and sugar. By inhibiting this enzyme’s action, your body doesn’t turn unused carbs into fat and so, cholesterol levels remain low and your body is not burdened with excess body fat.

Apart from being a fat formation blocker, HCA FIT also acts as an appetite control aid. Studies have confirmed its appetite suppression capacity numerous times mostly in rodent studies.

Thanks to its serotonin regulating capacity, HCAFIT has a series of other mood-based benefits. Seretonin is known to improve people’s mood and suppress their appetite.

An improved mood means you are less likely to resort to emotional/binge eating and you overall have a positive approach to your dieting and weight loss efforts, substantially improving your chances of achieving your weight loss milestones.

How much does HCA FIT cost?

HCA FIT is a mid-range priced Garcinia Cambogia supplement.

It offers you 100% natural Garcinia Cambogia extract and 60% HCA. Given its quality, the price tag of this supplement seems rather reasonable. Indicatively, purchasing from the official developer and vendor here, you get,

  • 1-month supply  at $44.95
  • 3-month supply at $109.95 (save $25, valued at $36.65 per bottle)
  • 6-month supply at $194.95 (save $75 valued at $32.5 per bottle)

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Pros and Cons of HCA FIT


Lack of testimonials HCAFIT is a new supplement and thus, there are still no customer testimonials and reviews that testify or refute its weight loss claims.

No reference to side effects Leading Edge Health doesn’t refer to any possible side effects associated with this product. However, the official site does claim that it contains 100% natural Garcinia Cambogia extract and the amount of HCA in it is within the standard range of 50-60%.


  • 60-day money back guarantee. A risk-free investment to lose weight. T&C apply.
  • Dual action, achieves appetite control and fat formation prevention
  • Improves mood and inhibits reactive and emotional eating
  • Helps you look and feel good
  • Helps reduce daily calorie intake by improving your mood and making you less prone to binge eating and late night snacks.
  • Non-addictive formula, no stimulants.
  • Zero binders, artificial ingredients and fillers
  • No known side effects (see above)
  • Key ingredients clinically proven for safety of use and weight loss power in various studies.


The company manufacturer (LeadingEdge Health) is openly shares the exact contents of the product, see the image below:

ingredients formula

Should I try HCA FIT?

HCA can help you reach your ideal weight and feel great in your skin. It contains the essential Hydroxycitric acid percentage and it’s safe to take. You can buy it exclusively from their official website to ensure you are covered by the risk-free 60-day money back guarantee.

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