Top 5 Game-Changing Super Fruits To Try In 2014

several fruits helping in weight lossEvery once in a while the media focus on a different fruit scientists discovered to have great health benefits. At one time, it was green tea, at another, raspberry ketone.

Of course, some supplements are nothing but effective marketing gimmicks that sell to misled consumers. So, to separate the man from the boys, we’ve researched all self-proclaimed miracle super fruits and compiled a list of the top super fruits that will kickstart your healthy lifestyle for 2014!

Garcinia Cambogia

garcinia fruitGarcinia Cambogia has gained mainstream popularity because of the Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that’s found in its rinds. HCA has been extensively researched by the medical community. It has been clinically confirmed to,

Even if you get your hands on this super fruit, which is native to Indonesia, you couldn’t reap its benefits, as HCA is concentrated at the fruit’s rind. Health supplement companies however, isolated the HCA goodness  in Garcinia Cambogia extract supplements, to ensure you get sufficient HCA for weight loss.

We’ve thoroughly reviewed Garcinia Cambogia supplements and found Garcinia Cambogia Extra to be the most effective, due to its 60% HCA concentration and the fact it contains Raspberry Ketone for fortified results.

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Yacon Syrup

yacon root syrupSyrup for weight loss and wellbeing? Yes, that’s right, the yacon plant is a magnificent tree from which the yacon syrup is developed. This syrup wears many hats,

  • Achieves fat loss
  • Decreases waistline circumference
  • It’s a digestion aid and constipation alleviator
  • Has low Glycemic Index (GI), which helps regulate blood sugar levels (Yacon Syrup’s GI is 1, while glucose’s GI is 65)
  • Positive impact on male infertility
  • Increased absorption of calcium, possible application for osteoporosis preventionthe yacon diet

Yacon Syrup is a product of the yacon superfruit which can significantly boost your wellbeing in 2014. What’s more, it’s fun to consume!

Among numerous brands, we confidently recommend The Yacon Diet supplement that consists of tablets taken twice/day and a syrup you can use on beverages in place of regular sugar for the same taste but without the calories!

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Raspberry Ketone

3 berries with ketonesEver since Raspberry Ketone has been introduced to the public, its reputation has been growing stronger and stronger.

Berries are known for their antioxidant activity, but raspberries offer more than that. Ketone is the aromatic compound of raspberries which has been clinically proven to help with fat metabolizing.

A 2010 study confirmed that Raspberry Ketone helps with fatty acid oxidation and lipolysis, both  of which contribute to fat loss and subsequently weight loss.

2 bottles of raspberry plusRaspberry Ketone Plus and Garcinia Cambogia Extra (enriched with Raspberry Ketone) are the two most worthwhile supplements out there. Raspberry Ketone has helped thousands of people lose weight so far, 2014 should be your turn!

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Green Coffee

greencoffeeBefore gulping down another latte, hear me out. Roasted coffee beans kill most of chlorogenic acid (CGA), the one ingredient in coffee capable of helping you lose weight!

While drinking coffee will offer you some HCA, you can get bigger doses of it the coffee beans remain raw. Green Coffee Bean Max has taken care of this. It’s a supplement that contains chlorogenic acid and helps you,

  • Reduce your body fat
  • Decrease your body mass index
  • Assist with weight loss
  • Dr. Oz carried out a 100-participant project and verified Green Coffee beans’s weight loss power

gcbmaxAmong the hundreds of brands available today, Green Coffee Bean Max is worth serious consideration due to it’s 100% pure formula, with pharmacy strength quiality 50% CGA green coffee extract contents.

GCB Max is backed by positive feedback from real customers, that many other brands fail to provide, and there are no side effects from using it. It’s alailable online from the official store, and shipped worldwide.

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Acai Berry

acai berriesWe know more about the moon than we do about the acai berry. Well, not really but you get my point.

This super fruit is armed with legions of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, yet scientists have yet to identify what up to 75 active compounds in it really do.

Acai Berry is a multi-faceted super fruit you should include in your diet today, because

  • It’s a  weapon against aging caused by oxidative stress
  • It has anti-cancer power, this study revealed
  • It’s an antioxidant powerhouse with many health benefits, combats free radicals, fights against infections and diseases of the heart and so on.
  • Immune system supercharger. Proven to strengthen body’s response to diseases.
  • Strong weight loss aid

100% pure acai evolution slimmingDespite limited research on acai, it’s a promising super fruit with an already impressive repertoire of capacities.

Integrating acai berries in your diet is easy but won’t contribute much to your well-being. For a rigorously effective approach, try Pure Acai Berry by Evolution Slimming, a UK developer who’s created a 100% Pure supplement with 700mg of acai berry extract.

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Make 2014 count. Change harmful habits and introduce new ones that will improve your well-being. Ideally, you should include all these five super fruits in your diet, but choosing 2 to 3 is as great and will offer substantial health benefits!